Katie VandenPlas, RD, LD

Registered Dietitian

I provide nutrition counseling for adolescents and some adults struggling with eating disorders. I educate adolescents and their family members on the Family-Based Treatment (FBT) model. I am passionate about not only helping adolescents along their journey, but also empowering parents/caregivers by letting them know that they are key players in their loved one’s recovery. My hope is to help my clients create small, but manageable goals.

My goal as your Registered Dietitian is to provide you with a safe, light-hearted and non-judgmental environment where adolescents, adults and parents/caregivers can openly discuss their emotions around food. I recognize that there is a lot of psychology that goes into our food choices. My hope is to try and help you navigate through diet culture and help you realize that all foods fit. My hope is to help you come to a place where you can trust your body’s natural hunger/fullness cues. I want to help you navigate the challenging times and celebrate small and large wins throughout your journey. I also enjoy and value the benefits of integrating Christian beliefs and practices into the therapy process for clients who desire this.

Education: College of Saint Benedict


  • Minnesota Consultant Dietitians