Today marks our one-year anniversary of being in our new building here on Judicial Road.  As we’ve welcomed people into our new space over the last year, what we have heard most consistently is how beautiful, relaxing or peaceful our atmosphere is.

Given the frequent praise and awe of her work, we thought it would be a great time to introduce you to and catch up with our designer, Shar Sitter, of Rooms with Style. The collaboration of Shar’s creative gifting and our director, Kim Bushman’s clinical practicality, aided in upholding our priority of creating a safe home-like environment. This collaboration is evident and reflected throughout our halls, from carpet to paint color, pillow textures to artwork. I can directly attest to the care, depth of thought and clinical consideration given to each decision. (there have been many hours spent in furniture, appliance and lighting stores to say the least). A small glimpse into the process would be noticing our chairs in the group rooms…these chairs are chosen to allow for personal boundaries and connection but also for durability and comfort, and that’s before fabric and color is selected!

Check out this video to hear more from Kim Bushman on the importance of our atmosphere:

Click here to see amazing before and after pictures of our building to really witness the gift Shar and Rooms with Style brought to our new space.

Continue reading as Shar willingly shares her creative process and her hopes for those that walk through the doors of WECHC

How did you end up in design and home staging?  What is your favorite part about it?

I originally went to college for Interior Design so I had a passion for it WAY back then :)  I wanted to work with an architect and design the interiors of buildings while they did the structural aspect etc. At the time I would have had to move to TX or CA and I didn’t want to do that. In the Midwest I would have ended up selling furniture or drapes and I didn’t want to do that either… so I went back to college and got my accounting degree along with a Master’s Degree in Business Taxation. After way too many years doing tax law, Home Staging started to take off in the area and I knew it was my route to get back into something that I love to do. So I made the change by getting certified as a Home Stager and started my Home Staging and Redesign business 12 years ago. Thank you Lord!

In the video we can hear and see the attention to detail in creating a safe and home-like environment, what goes into making a space feel inviting?  How was that different here at WECHC vs. homes you’ve done?

I really strive for the details as I think that is what makes a space special. You take out those little things and the room is just a room with furniture in it. One of those key details is texture. There is no better way to make a space feel inviting and luxurious than with texture.

The choice of color is important. For creating a soothing space the natural warm colors were important and then pops of color could be added as needed.

As far as working on WECHC being different than from residential areas I work on, it really was not that much different from a design perspective. There were of course a few more scopes of functionality, but otherwise I addressed the items needed to make the space feel warm and cozy the same as I would a home.

Can you give us a glimpse of your creative process?  How do you go about making your selections or deciding how to utilize a particular space?

Oh that’s a scary place inside my head! ;) I always start with the largest things first. Normally that is flooring. Wood tones, carpet, tile etc.; then countertops and trim and from there paint selection. I almost always know when I walk into a room where the furniture should go. Many times for clients I will draw out an arrangement so they can see it and know exact sizes of the items we need.

I always try to add a bit of bling, glamour or whimsy to a room. I think it is important to create an emotion in each room and the emotion I strive for depends on the space I am working on.

What would you say is your favorite room at WECHC? (and why?)

Probably Kim’s office. Classic elegance starting with the chandelier and then add in the chesterfield sofa, fur pillows and animal print chair and wow, What’s not to love!

But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the reception desk. I am so glad Kim trusted me to have a white one built!

What is it you hope clients/team members notice or sense when being at WECHC?

Peace and joy.

As a team member, I feel incredibly blessed to walk these halls daily feeling that peace & joy. Most importantly, I love being able to to meet clients in a space that was designed with their needs, comfort and sense of safety in mind.

We are very thankful for our space here at Water’s Edge CHC and extend such gratitude to Shar and her creative expertise.

For more information on Shar Sitter and Rooms with Style check out her website here.