Water’s Edge Counseling & Healing Center has launched a Dual Diagnosis Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).   Dual Diagnosis, also referred to as co-occurring disorder, is the existence of both a mental health disorder and alcohol and/or substance use disorder. This disorder effects 7.9 million Americans according to SAMHSA.   Research suggests that individuals with symptoms of anxiety, depression, panic, OCD and trauma are more likely to also experience symptoms of alcohol and/or substance use disorder. We are honored to be able to offer this integrative program and begin helping individuals reclaim their lives from addiction and mental illness.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) are a group-based, more intensive form of treatment for those experiencing moderate to severe symptoms that interfere with life or for those transitioning from inpatient or residential treatment programs.

The Dual Diagnosis IOP will empower participants to master their own recovery and return to healthy balanced living. Our team of Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselors (LADC) and mental health providers have the ability to combine evidence-based treatment approaches with core addiction principles. Therefore, this program was designed with an integrative approach to treatment, addressing both substance use disorder and symptoms of anxiety, depression, panic attacks, social anxiety, trauma and OCD. This program is specifically designed for individuals with alcohol and marijuana as their primary substance of choice.

If you would like more information on this program or to schedule your assessment today please contact us or call 952.898.5020