By Angela Staples MS, RDN, LD
Lead Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist

Written for February–African American History Month

Eating disorders are commonly mistaken as a young, affluent, Caucasian, and female issue.  However, it is clear to professionals, that this is not accurate.  Eating disorders appear to be rapidly increasing amongst populations of color.  At this time, there really isn’t much research to quantify how eating disorders have effected individuals from all socioeconomic classes, ages, gender and ethnicities.  Regardless of how many are affected in the understudied populations, all are worthy of help.  At Water’s Edge Counseling & Healing Center, we believe all humans deserve the care needed to achieve their full created potential, body, soul & spirit.  Staff is inclusive, and willing to help those even curious about any abnormal eating behaviors.  Please contact us for an intake at 952.898.5020 ext 4.


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