Step 1:

You’ve Been Referred to WECHC

A school counselor or other school official has directed you to Water’s Edge CHC. Welcome!

Step 2:

Call WECHC – 952.898.5020

Ask for the Co-Located Services Coordinator.
If the referred client is 18+ they must participate for a portion of the call.

Step 3:

Have the Following Information Available:

  • Name of referring school
  • Insurance card with ID and/or group number
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Address

Step 4:

Check Your Email & Set-Up Portal:

The Co-Located Services Coordinator will email you a link to create your client Portal (check junk mail too!). Please follow all prompts as soon as possible. The majority of communication will occur within the Portal.

Step 5:

Complete ALL Forms in the Client Portal:

After setting up the client portal, complete all forms & assessments within for prompt follow up & scheduling. Be sure to check your messages in the Portal.

Step 6:

Make Copies of Insurance Card & Driver’s License:

Make a front AND back copy of your insurance card, as well as a color copy of the front of your driver’s license. If the client is under 18, the copy should be of parent or guardian’s ID/insurance.

Step 7:

Complete & Mail ALL Requested Paper Forms:

Mail forms as well as the copies of IDs made in the previous step.
Forms can be dropped off or mailed to:
14551 Judicial Road Suite 100
Burnsville MN, 55306
or fax it to: 651.925.0316
The forms include: Release of Information (ROI), Payment Authorization, Consent for Supervision, SDQ-Parent Assessment (if the client is under 18).

Please Be Aware Steps 1-7 MUST Be Complete in Order to Get Scheduled With a Provider.

Step 8:

Your Provider Will Call to Schedule an Assessment

Assessment will be scheduled at the school at a time that works for both you & your provider. You provider will give directions to the office within the school building.

Step 9:

Attend Appointment

You Got This!
Just simply show up at the location & time you agreed upon. After completing the assessment, your provider will determine the frequency of ongoing appointments.


We’re here when you’re ready.
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