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Water’s Edge Counseling & Healing
Center is committed to diversity
& inclusion. Whoever you are,
whatever your story, you are
invited and welcome here.
Water’s Edge CHC is an organization committed to providing non-judgmental, compassionate, safe, and intentional care to all individuals with respect for the wide spectrum of human diversity. Towards this end, we strive to embrace and honor all ages, genders, genders identities, races, ethnicities, cultures, national origins, religions, sexual orientations, mental and physical abilities, languages, life choices, and socioeconomic statuses. Whoever you are, whatever your story, you are invited and welcome here.
What insurance do you accept?2024-03-27T12:18:38-05:00

We accept the majority of insurances found in the state of Minnesota, including:

  • Aetna
  • America’s PPO
  • Behavioral Health Care Providers (BHP)
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield / Blue Plus
  • Champ VA
  • Cigna
  • HealthPartners
  • HealthPartners Care
  • Medica / United Behavioral Health
  • Medica MA
  • Minnesota Care
  • Optum
  • Preferred One
  • UCare
  • UHC MA
  • United Healthcare
Does insurance cover all services?2020-07-12T15:49:25-05:00

Although the majority of insurances cover all the services, there are some insurances that will not cover some of the services. The best way to know if your insurance plan will cover the services, is for you to call your insurance carrier directly and/or call our front desk team and they can look into your specific plan.

Do I have to have an eating disorder to be treated at Water’s Edge CHC?2020-07-12T15:50:03-05:00

No. The founder of Water’s Edge CHC, Kim Bushman, PhD, LP has always had an interest and specialty in treating eating disorders. This, along with the fact that the first Intensive Outpatient Program started at Water’s Edge CHC was for individuals with eating disorders, resulted in an inaccurate perception that we only treat eating disorders. However, the providers at Water’s Edge CHC have always treated mental health conditions other than eating disorders, including depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, relationship issues, and adjustment issues.

Do I have to be Christian to get services at Water’s Edge CHC?2020-07-12T15:50:26-05:00

No. We serve all individuals regardless of age, gender, sexual identity, ethnicity, and religious beliefs. Our goal is to journey with you on your journey, not make our journey yours. We have many clients who seek care at Water’s Edge CHC who do not want any spirituality incorporated into their care or who want spiritual principles other than those of Christianity integrated. If we are unable to integrate your faith system in an adequate way, our goal would be to assist you in identifying and connecting with resources that could be helpful to you.

Are family members incorporated into treatment?2020-07-12T15:50:55-05:00

For our clients age 18 and older, family members are incorporated as appropriate and as desired by the individual client. We do believe that family and support people have a very important role in healing and we encourage individuals to strongly consider including appropriate family members and support people in their care. For our adolescent clients, it is very important that family members regularly participate in the care of the adolescent.

Do I have to do a “program” or can I just meet one-on-one with a therapist?2020-07-12T15:51:19-05:00

The majority of our clients work individually with their therapist and do not need additional services to make progress towards their goals. However, for those with more intense symptoms, we provide many additional treatment options that will assist in the continuous movement towards healing.

How do I pay my bill?2020-07-12T15:51:32-05:00

Most payments are due at the time of service. However, if you find yourself with a balance due, you may call the office (952-898-5020 opt 4) and pay by credit card. Otherwise, you can use the online payment link on this website or mail in a check.

Where’s the water?2020-07-12T15:52:33-05:00

We now have water located right across the street! Prior to our move, we would get several questions asking where the water is, as our name lends its hand to believing we would be at the water’s edge… However, the name Water’s Edge CHC was also arrived at for a variety of reasons including the many symbolic meanings of water in life and in spiritual belief systems.

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