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DAY 2:

Types of Eating Disorders: Anorexia Nervosa

What is it?
Individuals struggling with anorexia often dislike or feel uncomfortable with their bodies and decrease their food or caloric intake significantly in an effort to control their weight. Someone dealing with anorexia will likely restrict food intake to that below a healthy level and will be fearful of gaining weight.

Presenting Signs & Symptoms:
•       Significant weight loss as a result of restricting food intake
•       Fear of becoming fat, even when obviously too thin
•       Distorted body image
•       Excessive dieting and exercising
•       Abnormal food preoccupations, such as counting all calories or obsessively studying cookbooks
•       Constipation
•       Dry, yellowish skin
•       Dental decay
•       Fine, downy hair growing on the face and arms
•       Menstrual periods that become irregular or stop completely
•       Mood swings and anxiety
•       Suppression of sexual desire
•       Cold hands and feet at normal room temperature
•       Sleep difficulties
•       Hyperactivity

Worried you may be struggling with an Eating Disorder?

Use the screening tool here

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