A Letter From a Therapist to a Human with Suicidal Thoughts: World Suicide Prevention Day

A Letter From a Therapist to a Human with Suicidal Thoughts: You Are Worth So Much More Than Your Thoughts are Trying to Convince You By Kristin Canan, LICSW Dear Fellow Human, I want to start off by apologizing, not from a place of pity, but from a place of genuine sorrow that so many [...]

3 Signs Therapy May Be Right For Your Family

You love your family, but sometimes it can be difficult to communicate your feelings to one another. If you’re going through a tough time or facing a particular obstacle, it can help to have a third-party mediate your discussions so that you can overcome situations together. Below are a few common signs that family therapy is a [...]

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Getting Through the Holidays

The holidays are no longer simply approaching quickly, they are here. For many, the holidays are a time of celebration with family and friends, and for many others, it can be a time of grief or strife. If you are struggling during the holiday season, below are some tips and tricks to help get you [...]

What if it’s Thanksgiving and I don’t feel thankful?!

History tells us that Thanksgiving was created as a day to celebrate and express gratitude for the bounty of the earth, for neighbors, for abundance. Over time, as families and communities develop their own traditions, it appears to have grown to become a day to celebrate good food and good relationships amidst sharing laughs and [...]

What Caused My Eating Disorder?

As a clinician who works with eating disorders, I cannot tell you how many times I have heard the same question posed over and over again by clients and their loved ones: “Kristin, what caused this eating disorder?” There is normally a sense of desperation in this question hoping that I will somehow have the [...]

I Just Don’t Want to Feel Anything: Numbing to Cope

“I just don’t want to feel anything.” “Feeling scares me.” “If I slow down, it might all catch up to me.” “If I start feeling, I’m afraid I will never stop.” “If I keep myself busy enough, then I don’t have to think about it.” I cannot tell you how many times I have sat [...]

How Trauma Impacts the Whole Person & the Road to Recovery

  Written by Nancy Rich, M.S.W., LICSW What is trauma? Trauma can be defined in many ways. Part of the definition therapists use is: a person was exposed to death, threatened death, actual or threatened serious injury, or actual or threatened sexual violence. When you are a therapist and work in the front lines, you [...]

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