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Practicum, Pre-Licensed, Licensed – Therapist Titles Explained

If you are seeking a therapist, you will likely encounter a variety of titles and acronyms to explain that therapist’s level of licensure. Some may disclose that they are in practicum. Other therapists might disclose that they are “pre-licensed.” So what exactly does all of that mean? This blog will explain the difference so you [...]

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Somatic Skills for Effectively Managing Anxiety

When anxiety strikes, it can be sudden and severe. One moment you are resting peacefully on the beach of life, and the next, a tidal wave comes crashing over you enveloping you with racing thoughts, fear, and a racing heart rate. When this happens, there are ways to manage anxiety that do not involve therapy [...]

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Are psychiatric medications for you?

Are psychiatric medications for you? Deciding whether or not to seek mental health services can be daunting and overwhelming, particularly with the ongoing social stigma associated with it. Likewise, the decision to start psychiatric medication can also be difficult. This is where an assessment with a psychiatric medication provider can be helpful.   After assessing and [...]

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Mindful Ways to Approach Eating Through the Holidays

For many clients dealing with an eating disorder, the holidays can often be a very challenging time. Amid the holiday lights, Christmas carols, and snowy days, the holidays often focus on the food being served. Use the below tips to practice mindfulness when eating this holiday season to increase overall enjoyment and make for a [...]

Differentiating Between ADHD and Anxiety in Children

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and anxiety share some common symptoms. This makes differentiating between these two mental health disorders more challenging. With both of them, a child may demonstrate symptoms of inattention, distractibility, hyperactivity, restlessness, and at times even insomnia. It is even more challenging to know if a child also has ADHD if [...]

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Common Concerns About Mental Health Treatment

Most individuals are fairly good about seeing their physician or dentist for routine health care or when they experience an injury or illness. Unfortunately, it can be much more challenging to have the courage to seek mental health treatment due to the stigma surrounding mental illness. Individuals often worry about being judged by family or [...]

The Importance of Variety with Food

In this world of the internet and social media, we have so many messages thrown at us. We're bombarded with individuals who lack proper credentials inadvertently telling us and showing us how we should look. Underneath these specific looks, there is often a diet or routine that they follow to make them appear a certain [...]

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