When we focus on our gratitude, the tide of disappointment goes out and the tide of love rushes in. -Kristin Armstrong

I can picture this so clearly.  The scene is set and I can visualize the bad feelings washing out to sea and the good, warm, loving feelings washing back over me.  Like waves in the ocean, we are by nature, designed to have highs and lows.  What we choose to focus our attention on is the key.

Gratitude is defined as “a feeling or attitude in acknowledgement of a benefit that one has received or will receive.”  Gratitude is the choice to focus on the positive.  So how do you live a grateful life?  Here are three things to get you started!

1. Gratitude journal.  Keep a journal on what you are grateful for.  Acknowledge what brings you joy.  It can be as simple as say, your morning coffee or it can be someone you love or the way a song makes you feel.  The action of taking that time and writing down is the energy to change your mood and improve your life.  The compilation will also serve as an uplifting tool when you are having a difficult time.

2. Help others.  There is no easier way to connect with the joys of life than to know that you have helped improve the day of someone else.  You will be grateful for the experience and they will be grateful for you.  Go out of your way, it will be worth it!

3.  Stay present.  It’s easy to get distracted or tune out.  With the pace of life, so much time is spent concerned with what to do next and not living in the moment.  Being present is difficult, you have to work at it.  Put down the phone or turn off the T.V.  Its hard to be grateful for your blessings when life is passing you by.

What are you grateful for?