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Stacy Russell, MA, LPCC

Water's Edge CHC is excited to announce that Stacy Russell MA, LPCC (bio to come), will be joining our team. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Stacy Russell, please call our main phone number (952) 898-5020 and go to option 4.

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Lindsey Mackereth, MA, LPC

Water's Edge CHC will welcome Lindsey Mackereth, MA, LPC (bio to come) starting January 19th, 2015.  We are excited to have Lindsey joining our team. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Lindsey Mackareth, please call our main phone number (952) 898-5020 and go to option 4.

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Normal “ups and downs” vs. Clinical depression & anxiety

We all have our fair share of worry and the blues, but how do we know if it is “more than normal”? There are various factors to consider when identifying clinically significant depression and anxiety. Some factors to be aware of are: Diminished interest or pleasure in activities that were once enjoyable. Problems with sleep. [...]

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Seasonal Affective Disorder

Have you noticed that every fall you seem to lose energy for things that you enjoy in the spring and summer?  Do you become more irritable, tired and isolated as summer sun gives way to winter darkness?  Have you just accepted that you tend to get the ‘winter blues’?  You may be one of an [...]

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I find myself having a hard time writing about kindness because it seems like such a simple, self-explanatory matter: be kind.  Be kind to yourself, others, the planet.  And, on the other end of the spectrum, don’t be cruel. In saying that, however, I realize that we might be cutting ourselves short if our goal [...]

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Dr. Brene Brown says trust is like a “marble jar”.  We put marbles in when people treat us in ways that are trust promoting, such as keeping their commitments, and we take marbles out when they do things that are trust diminishing such as lying to us or being manipulative.  When the marble jar is [...]

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Secrets of a Happy Person

L.O.V.E.    L.I.F.E. Love Yourself Your life has value not because of what you look like, not because of what you’re made of but because of who you are meant to be.  Love yourself, take care of yourself and be better to yourself each day. Outdoor Living One of life’s greatest gifts is the healing [...]

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“Sabbath is more than the absence of work; it is a day when we partake of the wisdom, peace and delightthat grow only in the soil of time—time consecrated specifically for play, refreshment and renewal. Many of us, in our desperate drive to be successful and care for our many responsibilities, feel terrible guilt when [...]

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Sara Heit, RN, CNS

Water's Edge Counseling & Healing Center is honored to have Sara Heit, RN, CNS, as part of our psychiatric medication provider team.  Sara is a Certified ANCC Clinical Nurse Specialist in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing and since joining us, she has been meeting with individual adult clients.  Her extensive experience has made her an incredible [...]

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